About Tea Lover’s Cafe

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Tea Lover’s Cafe takes pride in being a vibrant, womanq minority-owned business dedicated to transforming the tea-drinking journey into an unparalleled experience. We specialize in offering an exquisite selection of premium loose-leaf teas, meticulously sourced from the finest tea gardens around the globe. Our mission extends beyond simply providing high-quality tea; we aim to enhance the well-being of our customers, creating moments of tranquility and wellness through every cup.

Understanding the dynamic needs of the modern corporate world, Tea Lover’s Cafe also offers a suite of innovative and impactful solutions tailored for small and large businesses and corporations. We are committed to assist businesses in fostering a culture of wellness within the workplace, believing that a well-nourished mind and body are the keys to enhanced productivity and creativity. Our corporate services are designed to integrate seamlessly into businesses, offering unique branding opportunities, custom tea blends, and wellness programs that not only elevate the brand but also contribute to a healthier, more vibrant work environment.

At Tea Lover’s Cafe, we believe in the power of tea as a medium to connect, rejuvenate, and inspire. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or a business looking to redefine the wellness and productivity of your team, we invite you to explore how the world of tea, tea services/programs, and corporate gifting with us and discover the endless possibilities it brings.

Tea Lover’s Cafe proudly offers a diverse selection of products and services designed to delight both individual enthusiasts and businesses alike. Our offerings include:

  1. A collection of premium teas, available both as loose-leaf and in unprocessed tea bags.
  2. Elegant Corporate Gifting options,
  3. Unique Conference and Swag Bag Favors,
  4. Thoughtfully Curated Gift Boxes,
  5. A Monthly Subscription Tea Package tailored to both novice and experienced tea drinkers,
  6. Memorable Tea Parties for both children and adults,
  7. Comprehensive Tea Station Creation and Supply for both home and business settings, and
  8. Engaging Team Building Tea Activities suitable for associations, churches, corporations, and more.

At Tea Lover’s Cafe, we believe in elevating the tea experience beyond just a beverage. Tea serves as a versatile and enriching addition to both personal and professional environments. We invite you to steep, sample, sip, and savor the experience with a touch of TLC!


How Tea Lover’s Cafe was Launched

In the heart of a bustling city lived Tawawn Lowe, a tea enthusiast with a dream larger than life itself. Tawawn’s passion wasn’t just about savoring the aromatic bliss of tea; it was about sharing this joy through a unique venture—a monthly subscription box “Get A Little TLC” designed to empower women with a dose of transformational lifestyle content. Her vision was clear: to add some the finest premium loose-leaf teas to each box, enhancing the experience within the subscription box for her growing community of over 100 subscribers.

However, Tawawn’s journey was anything but smooth. She reached out to countless tea companies, hoping to find one that shared her vision and willingness to collaborate with a small, yet ambitious, business. Despite her enthusiasm and the promise of her project, she was met with rejection after rejection. It seemed her dream was slipping through her fingers, like leaves in the wind.

Refusing to be disheartened, Tawawn saw these rejections not as setbacks, but as a sign—to take her love for tea into her own hands. It was a call to adventure she couldn’t ignore. With a heart full of passion and a mind ignited by determination, Tawawn embarked on a quest to become her own tea supplier.

In 2017, fueled by her unwavering spirit, Tea Lover’s Cafe was born. It wasn’t just a business; it was a sanctuary for tea lovers, a place where the finest premium loose-leaf teas from around the globe could find a home. Tawawn’s vision had come to life, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and in doing so, she created a haven not just for individuals seeking tranquility in a cup but also for businesses looking to nurture wellness and productivity.

Tea Lover’s Cafe emerged from the seeds of perseverance and the soil of rejection, flourishing into a testament to the power of passion and vision. It stood as a beacon for all dreamers, proving that sometimes, the best partner for a big vision is the reflection in the mirror.