The Tea Lovers Café offers a delicious selection of all-natural premium custom loose leaf white, black, herbal, green, black, rooibos, fruit, and oolong tea blends, with a variety of caffeine levels just for you, and extra ordinary flavors. Whether you just need to kick start your morning to get you going, or just a small escape, there is custom blend of tea just for you. We have partnered with independent tea companies worldwide to find unique custom blends and delicious teas.

The Tea Lovers Café offers a way for tea lovers to discover and taste the very best in teas.

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Cranberry Tea

Tea Lovers Cafe™ Cranberry Blast brings the joy of a delicate cup of tea! Cranberry can be introduced as small, pink blossoms that native to North America. Currently, it is growing in countries like the United States, Chile, and Canada under special climatic...

Five Basic Tea Groups

What is tea? Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring boiling water over plant leaves of Camellia sinensis and called as Black tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, and White tea. TEA is an infusion prepared with any edible plant leaves, roots, fruits, bark, and seeds....

The Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has a long and rich history that includes being one of the plants that were grown and prized by ancient Chinese emperors and today is prized for its many known health benefits around the world. This tea is now known for ensuring many different health...

Cranberry Orange Leaf Tea

Be delighted with the wonderful taste of Cranberry Orange Leaf Tea! Cranberry is a delicious fruit with a flavourful taste and nutritionally it can be introduced as nature's superfood. Consuming it as a drink is another way to enjoy its superior taste and benefits....

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