The Tea Lovers Café offers a delicious selection of all-natural premium custom loose leaf white, black, herbal, green, black, rooibos, fruit, and oolong tea blends, with a variety of caffeine levels just for you, and extra ordinary flavors. Whether you just need to kick start your morning to get you going, or just a small escape, there is custom blend of tea just for you. We have partnered with independent tea companies worldwide to find unique custom blends and delicious teas.

The Tea Lovers Café offers a way for tea lovers to discover and taste the very best in teas.

Fab Five

Passion Fruit
Black Tea

$9.50 – $13.00

Cranberry Bliss

$9.50 – $13.00


$9.75 – $13.00

Raspberry Champagne

$10.00 – $14.00

Lotta Colada

$10.00 – $13.75